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A professional voiceover artist can express exactly what your institutional message or your radio program needs and give you a lot of added value with a unique, iconic and unforgettable voice. But how to find that voice? It has never been so easy to contact professional voiceover artists of all genres, ranges, ages, and in different languages. Let us advise you and provide you with all the tools you need. Do you want an international voice over artist? No problem. Can’t you find the ideal voice for your commercial? Don’t worry, we can help you with more options, just write to us and together we will find the feeling you are looking for: we have more than 500 registered voice over artists.


Behind each of our most endearing animated characters is a very talented voice actor; all those films dubbed into your language involve the effort of a team of professional voice experts in conveying the right tone and emotion. Are you looking for professional voices in Spanish, English or whatever language? Here they are. We have professional translators, international talent, dubbing directors and a recording studio for all kinds of projects. We know that finding an expert, bilingual, available voice actor is not easy, the good news is that we help you. Just tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.


Every good advertising spot needs an energetic voice, full of enthusiasm and that projects your brand identity. What do you want to promote? We make sure that the production is a success and the result is absolutely professional. We produce everything from TV spots to radio commercials and information spots. Transmit your idea through the best sound resources that will remain in the memory of listeners. A well produced spot will give you a huge competitive advantage.


A jingle is a sung musical theme or short song used for advertising purposes, they are those typical short, catchy and funny melodies that we all carry in our heads. The jingle helps infinitely in the remembrance of a brand or service. It’s about finding the perfect formula to mix music, voiceover and talent, making it a perfect production.


Almost all commercial and artistic audiovisual projects need music. If you are looking for music for a production, we can support you with original music tailored to your needs. If you prefer a previously produced song, ask for our stock music options or catalogue, we have more than 10,000. Achieve a deep impact with the tools of a state-of-the-art audio production. Voiceover, mixing, creative script, sound effects and above all: Music; the key to a successful promotional campaign and production. No matter the genre, we are ready to give life and personality to your project.

Sound Alike

If you’re looking to make your ad “sound like” a hit you have in mind, then a Sound Alike is what you need. This service is the legal adaptation of your commercial or audiovisual message to a famous musical theme. It is a very effective strategy, since it quickly engages the target market by creating an identification: theme song > lifestyle > product. Every time we produce a Sound Alike we take care to obtain the ideal sound. We know that the customer demands the best.


We’re going to sell! Peripheral means communicating a message to large masses through loudspeakers and is very useful in open spaces and crowded areas, whether to promote products and services or political propaganda over and over again. There are various types and forms of perifoneo -whether repetitive or simple- but we always find the best way to communicate what the client needs and to reach your potential market with a series of audio productions that impact and achieve sales.

Audio on hold

In short: give your company a professional hearing impression. Don’t leave your customers waiting on the line in the traditional and boring way; audio on hold (IVR) is an essential tool for telephone services and quality attention of any company or organization, because it answers the call at first with a pleasant waiting recording. A good audio on hold strategy allows you to avoid your clients getting desperate while they wait for an executive to attend them, promote your products or services and inform them with attractive audios while reminding them how important they are to you.

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We look after the interests of both our clients and our professional voice overs.


We create a platform to guarantee absolute transparency between the parties, from the contracting to the completion of the service.


We provide excellent services to our clients, an easy to use App and the opportunity to rate in detail the services received.


We always seek the best opportunities and working conditions for our broadcasters


We created an academy with talented and recognized teachers to prepare the best dubbing actors. We also offer specialization and refresher courses for voice talents.

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