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Sobre mí

You want a 5-star voice for your 5-star business? That"s where I come in! In fact, I might just be the *best* person on this site to deliver what you"re looking for. A bold claim, sure - but let me explain…

My name is Phil Schoen and I specialize in narration... (corporate, branding, explainers, e-learning… the whole lot.) Look, everyone would like the perfect voice for their project, but when you need a voice, three things matter: Is it good enough? Is it quick? And does it work? Some people say the price - but if it"s not good, it"s late and messy - you"re just throwing your money away.

There are some great voices out there - but this is a business. And that"s why I aim to deliver on three fronts: service, production and performance. When you work with me, we"ll first take a deep-dive with my 15-point checklist so we know what you want and need - before I even turn on the microphone.

But there"s a catch. I don"t work with just anyone. To qualify to work together with me, you must:
- Have a clear vision of what you are aiming for;
- Be available, both before and during the recording;
- And agree that conveying the message is the top priority.

Oh! And speaking of my mom… if I wouldn"t say it in front of my mother…

If you need a voice, I can help - let"s talk.

***** "Phil has a unique talent for voiceovers. He"s super professional and he just "gets it" without further explanation. Highly recommended."
Paul Yevzikov, Co-Founder/CEO of TrackWithEase

***** "His professional skills, attention to detail, and a Hollywood-scale voice tremendously expanded our message. Our strongest recommendations!"
Cezary Lerski, COO, Diginet LLC

***** "What a pleasure to work with Phil Schoen. He makes an average script sound good, a good script sound great, and a great script sound… well, greater."
Mike Lawrence, Creative Director, AKHIA Communication:

***** "I"ve worked with hundreds of voice talents and can definitely say Phil is one of the best. He"s incredibly versatile, easy to work with and delivers very quickly an impeccable result."
Irma Yordanova, International Clients, Asap Studio

- Sennheiser MKH416-P48
- Austrian Audio OC18
- Universal Audio Apollo Twin X
- iMac
- Adobe Audition
- SourceConnect Standard (id: voicegoals)

Warm • Smooth • Trustworthy
Voice age: 35 – 70+

Languages: English (native), Spanish (conversational), French and German (basic)

Accents: General American, Southern, Texas, New York, Australian, British, Scottish, Spanish, French, German