MilVox Dubbing is our side dedicated to the world of dubbing. We pride ourselves on being an endless source of creativity and authenticity in every project we undertake. is our dedication to the world of dubbing, where creativity and authenticity are our hallmarks. We have highly experienced professionals, including engineers specialized in recording, editing, and mixing, and the most outstanding directors, translators, actors and actresses in the dubbing industry in Latin America. This guarantees the delivery of the highest quality content and authenticity in every project we undertake.


We look after the interests of both our clients and our speakers




& Adaptation




Lip Synchronization is a service that ensures that dubbed voices perfectly match the lip movements of the original actors on screen to maintain immersion in the story. Through Voice Over, adding depth and context to the content to make it more accessible and engaging to the audience, creating unforgettable experiences.

Descriptive audio is additional narration in audiovisual content that describes visual elements to make it accessible to visually impaired people and enhance the overall understanding of the story.


Subtitles are essential to reach a diverse audience and ensure content accessibility. We offer translation and adaptation services to adjust dialogues to the language and culture of the target audience and perform quality review to ensure accuracy and meet quality standards.

Translation and adaptation

We prepare scripts for dubbing through specialized translation and adaptation. Our linguistic and cultural experts ensure that voices and dialogues fit naturally with the context and culture of the target audience, guaranteeing a consistent and effective dubbing experience.


We offer exceptional quality post-production in audiovisual projects, focusing on achieving perfect harmony between sound and image. We work with advanced sound formats, such as 7.1 for full immersion, high quality stereo and 5.1 surround for a cinematic experience.


Our world-class facilities ensure that your audiovisual project is developed in a professional, high-quality environment, giving you peace of mind that your content will meet the highest industry standards.

Our Rooms

Identify important stakeholders related to the project.


Our rooms are equipped to tackle projects of different sizes and complexities. Each room has been designed to offer unbeatable audio quality.


This room has also been designed, acoustically treated, and calibrated to THX standards. It is ideal for audio design and pre-mixing.


Designed, acoustically treated, and certified under THX specifications. This room is ideal for mixing and pre-mixing of film projects and digital platforms.




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